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Residential Pumps l Commercial & Industrial Pumps

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Residential Pumps

At Champion we pride ourselves in having an enormous inventory of house jet pumps and sprinkler pumps. Jet pumps or your house pump are available in sizes from hp -2 hp. These pumps may have one impeller, called a stage or up to 3 stages, this varies based on pressure and volume needed and the amount of water the well produces. Most residential sprinkler pumps are 1 hp single stage.Water8.jpg (54462 bytes)

Your water tank stores pressurized water. This storage allows you to use water with out the pump cycling every time the faucet is turned on and off. In general the larger the tank the better for these type systems, but there are some exceptions. We have captive air pressure tanks from 1 gallon to 350 gallon sizes and may be steel or fiberglass.

We install new water systems based on your needs not just a generic package (30 foot well, hp pump and a 42 gallon tank.) We like to visit the site, meet the homeowner and size the system based on the number in the home, the number of bathrooms and the number faucets.

Please call if you have any questions, we can offer assistance at any time, and we always give quotes and site surveys free of charge.

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Commercial and Industrial Pumps

Champion provides, installs and services high quality commercial and industrial well pumps and tanks. Centrifugal, Submersible and Line-Shaft Turbine pumps are all available. Galvanized, steel, fiberglass and epoxy lined pressure storage tanks are available in any size, shape or capacity. All tanks include bladders or air volume control systems. We can design the entire systems to meet your specific needs. Our stocked service trucks and boom trucks can quickly install your water system in a new or existing well.Water9.jpg (54809 bytes)

Ask us about Constant Pressure or Cycle Stopping valves; these pressure regulating valves can save you hundreds of dollars in expensive irrigation repairs trying to flow balance an irrigation system. These valves will allow you to operate pressure demand irrigation systems that have variable flow rates, such as small zones and very large zones. We size the pump to handle the large zone and our valves will choke back the pump to operate the small zone, all this with the pump never shutting down or “short cycling”.

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